Monday, July 5, 2010

Indiana Pacers 86, Orlando Magic 77

The Indiana Pacers started the game scorching hot, running Orlando out of the gym. But after settling down, Orlando quietly worked their way back into the game. Unfortunately for them, once Indiana realized they had a game on their hands, they quickly regained the lead and did not surrender it for the rest of the game.

Notable Players

Lance Stephenson, IND
- Looked exceptional offensively, especially considering he played PG the majority of his time on the court. The only drawback to his game that I could see was his inability to play without the ball in his hands. This might not be that big of a problem, however, as it seems Indiana is trying convert him into a PG in similar fashion to Tyreke Evans in Sacramento.

Paul George, IND
- Showed a great shooting stroke and athleticism but not much else. Seems able to play the SG position next to Danny Granger. George got his shot off whenever he wanted but couldn't create off the dribble well ans stood out defensively in a bad way (which is not good since everyone was playing bad defense). Overall though he had an impressive showing

Josh McRoberts, IND
- Definitely stood out with a great shooting stroke from beyond the 3 point line. Blended well in the offense, knocking down open shots and making some good passes. Got into a little tussle with Daniel Orton and both got ejected.

Daniel Orton, ORL
- Probably not the professional debut he envisioned, fouling at an exponential rate and getting ejected in the 3rd quarter. The lone bright spot was his defense as he made some nice plays and got a couple blocks.

Patrick Ewing Jr., ORL
- The most aggressive player of the game by far. He took and missed a lot of shots but also made some tough ones showing some potential in that area. He did not seem deterred by his misses which is always a good thing.

Donell Taylor, ORL
- The best player on Orlando today although that isn't saying much. He consistently hit open shots and created good balance between jumpshots and drives. Taylor was the spark that ignited the Orlando in the 3rd quarter as they tried to get back in the game.

Game Stats

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