Monday, July 5, 2010

Charlotte Bobcats 85, Utah Jazz 83

As expected, this game was full of turnovers and fouls. What was not expected, however, was the game coming down to a last second shot missed by Sundiata Gaines. Charlotte was in control for most of the game but a late burst from Utah nearly completed an unexpected comeback.

Notable Players

Derrick Brown, CHA
- Definitely the best player on the court, Brown showed a gritty toughness that stood out. Listed as a SF, Brown's skill-set looked more of a PF as he showed an array of post moves and strong finishes. He won all of the hustle plays leading his team to the win.

Gerald Henderson, CHA
- Clearly the most skilled player on the court, Henderson proved he could get his jumpshot off any time he pleased. With the game in hand most of the time he was on the court, he didn't play with tons of aggression but still put up impressive stats.

Alexis Ajinca, CHA
- Showed great post moves and aggression, getting his points early. Seemed to fade as the game went on, but still rebounded the ball well and showed growth in his very raw game.

Gordon Hayward, UTA
- Not the most aggressive player which is not necessarily a bad thing. He let the game come to him but did a lot of the little things such as rebound, move without the ball and make the right pass. Deferred the last shot of the game to Sundiata Gaines instead of taking it himself.

Sundiata Gaines, UTA
- The anti-Gordon, Gaines was in control of his team the whole game for better or worse. He made a lot of good plays but also made a lot of bad ones due to the ball being in his hands most of the time. Got to the foul line frequently but had trouble converting his foul shots into points.

James Augustine, UTA
- A pleasant surprise, Augustine provided rebounding and low post scoring that sparked the near comeback by Utah.

Game Stats

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