Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's Talk...The Great Wall of Chinatown

There have been many impressive rookies throughout the NBA Summer League. Sorry vets, you gets no love; you're expected to do well in this league.

Demarcus Cosuins has been an animal out there. Hopefully Tyreke will give up some of his shots and give Cousins the ball in the regular season so this guy could be a frontfunner for ROY.

Eric Bledsoe has showed much potential. After playing behind Baron Davis and watching a few Pixar movies, (he always looks so sad during games)he will be a stud. Hopefully Blake Griffin will come back healthy as well. Oh and Clipper Darrell deserves a reality TV show. If Dru Hill can get one, why not him?

Paul George has people wondering if Danny Granger is untouchable by other teams any longer.

But I have to tilt my hat (yeah I got that from Sir Charles) to John Wall. His potential is Pineapple Express high, and he lived up to the hype during summer league. of course, it is summer league, and he did have a few games with plenty of turnovers. But with two games remaining on his summer league schedule, I look forward to what else this guy can show me. He surely could be doing his signature dance with a NBA Rookie of the Year trophy in his left hand if he plays like this during the regular season. He and Gilbert will have the connection Derrick Rose ad Ben Gordon had in Chi-town back in 2008-2009, and they even brought Kirk Hinrich over for the journey.

Let me know what you think of the rookies you've seen thus far.

- Joker

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