Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's Talk NBA Rookie Predictions

We are almost a week past the draft, and I have taken much time to think about this one. I wanted to make sure I really put some thought into who I thought were the big winners in the draft (and not just by trades Chicago and Miami fans). These are the teams who I feel have made their teams much better through their draft picks, and who I feel the All-NBA Rookie Team will be.

Orlando Magic- 1st rd: Daniel Orton. 2nd rd: Stanley Robinson (his athleticism is ridiculous)
L.A. Clippers- 1st rd: Al-Farouq Aminu. 1st rd: Eric Bledsoe (a steal from OKC).
San Antonio Spurs- 1st rd: James Anderson
Indiana Pacers- 1st rd: Paul George. 2nd rd: Lance Stephenson

Of course, the teams with the top 5 picks all made good decisions, but I fell that these teams really added to their already solid roster. Daniel Orton gives Orlando the ability to trade Gortat for a solid wing player. Also, Stanley Robinson's athleticism will help them. The Clippers add much talent and athleticism to their already promising young squad. And the Spurs add a potential starter for their team in James Anderson (we all know Manu is better off the bench). I have to wait to see what Coach Jim O'Brien does for the two guys they drafted in Indiana.

Here are my predictions for All-NBA 1st Team
Guard: John Wall- Washington Wizards
Guard: Evan Turner- Philadelphia 76ers
Forward: Greg Monroe- Detroit Pistons
Forward: Blake Griffin- LA Clippers
Center: DeMarcus Cousins- Sacramento Kings

Agree? Disagree? Let me know your thoughts.


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