Thursday, June 17, 2010

Keys to Game 7 - Lakers vs Celtics

For all those who don't know, I am a HUGE Boston Celtics fan but I will try hard to stay neutral (don't hold me to it though).


Game 6 the Lakers came out with loads and loads and loads of energy which propelled them to an early lead and eventually a win. If the Celtics have any chance at winning in LA, they must match the Lakers' intensity and crowd energy. They must take the crowd out of the game by standing strong the first quarter and not letting LA get out to another early lead.


In all of the Celtics' victories, they have out-rebounded the Lakers. With Kendrick Perkins out, this task becomes much more difficult. The Lakers present huge match up problems in terms of length with Big Baby now inserted into the starting lineup. This can best be summed up by the quote "Offense sells tickets, defense wins games but rebounding wins championships" (can't remember exactly who said this but it is a great insight nonetheless)


The bench of both teams have received an unusual amount of press during these finals. The Celtic bench for at times exceeding expectations and the Laker bench for at times not living up to them. This is the final game so none of their past performances matter. Whichever bench gives their starters the most rest will give their team a huge advantage. As we saw in game 5, even with Kobe's historic performance, the lack of bench play wore on the starters and they could not finish the game. The same goes for the Celtic bench. In game 6 they were none existent, giving no support to their starters. With Kendrick Perkins out now, bench play becomes even more important for the Celtics.

The Final Word

Although the Lakers are definitely the favorite going into game 7, I cannot abandon my childhood team so I am picking the Celtics. The Lakers have not won two games in row against the Celtics and I see no reason why they will start now (well I see some reasons but I'm choosing to ignore them).

Celtics 105 Lakers 92

Agree? Disagree? Lemme know!


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