Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Best NBA Jersey

Remember the cool red, white, and blue Bullets jersey that Wes Unseld wore in 1978 or the purple with pinstripe jerseys that the Raptors wore in 1999 when they drafted Vince. These are two examples of the good decisions the NBA made on jerseys. The current Orlando Magic jerseys... not so much. Riddle me this: What is the best NBA jersey of all time? Could it be the the red and yellow retro Hawks jersey Dominique Wilkins wore in the 1980s, or the traditional green Celtics jerseys worn since dinosaurs existed? Joker says: "The best NBA jersey is the 1984 r road jerseys worn by the Chicago Bulls. Plain...yes, but unforgettable as well. The cursive font is like no other. The colors are great, and most important, it marked the beginning of his airness MJ." Of course my opinion is not always right, and I am more than happy to view your responses. Let me know your thoughts.


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